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The All American Golden Boy


Wallace Shubaker
4 July
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Wallace is an American boy who became a Chosen Child during the Summer of '99. His mother, a self described technophile, discovered a Digiegg while surfing the web and entrusted it to her son. Gumimon and Chocomon, Wallace's twin partners, hatched soon after and spent their days playing alongside the young Wallace. However, tragedy struck when Chocomon mysteriously disappeared amongst a mysterious wind. Three years later, he returned, now as the viral Digimon: Wendigomon and kidnapped the original Chosen Children before going after Wallace. With the aid of Daisuke and the Golden Digimental of Fate, Wallace was able to defeat his former partner and free him from his torment.

Over the years, Wallace remained in contact with his Japanese friends and became associated with the other American Chosen Children through Mimi Tachikawa. The road to adulthood is bound to be full of hardships and struggles, especially as a Chosen Child, but with his partner Digimon by his side, Wallace welcomes his Destiny with open arms

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"Let’s go on and open the door! There’s someone waiting for us!"
-- Wallace